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Meet Derron


Better Way Consultant

Derron is an Inspirational Speaker that will deliver a high-energy, thought-provoking presentation, that will have your audience engaged from the start to the finish. Derron uses creative and transparent storytelling, mixed in with some laughter to make the audience feel the message in a special way. His keynotes will inspire, motivate, and lead the audience to a mindset shift by knowing that there is a Better Way, by creating a positive mental Mindset, believing in ourselves, and walking into our greatness.

Derron is a 24-year manager for one of the top automotive manufacturing companies in North America. He has spoken in front of crowds for over 24 years. Derron’s ability to show Mendomi (Care) for his employees, and his empowering leadership approach, has made the way for him to lead his organization in Safety, Productivity, and Quality.

Derron’s journey is inspired by a Never Give Up mentality. After dealing with depression, financial bankruptcy, eviction, and suicidal thoughts, Derron used a changed Mindset, rooted in Romans 12:2 to change his trajectory. Derron seeks to live his life with empowerment and knowledge from his past, knowing that his past does not determine his future, but his present does. This is the message he desires to spread to the world, that from today there is always a Better Way!

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